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hica Spaniard Films

The Voice of a New Generation
Independent Film Productions

We Are a Young & Creative
Media Production Company

Chica Spaniard Films was born during the good old times of the now well-known and famous COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Based in Guildford (UK) but with the spirit of a Spanish heart. With unwavering determination and resilience, this production company has discovered its unique voice, overcoming countless obstacles and setbacks.


Our primary mission is to uplift and support emerging directors, writers, and producers who are driven to make a lasting impact in the industry, amplifying their voices for the future generations of filmmakers.


In pre-production, we refine ideas, develop scripts, and craft detailed shot lists, ensuring an authentic and compelling narrative. Extensive research guides decisions on locations and casting. We establish comprehensive budgets and production schedules, managing resources efficiently. Our commitment to clear communication fosters collaboration among our creative team.

What We Do


During our production phase, we transform concepts into content. From capturing scenes on set to directing talent, we breathe life into the narrative. State-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology ensure the highest production standards. Our commitment to creativity and excellence shines through every frame.


It's post-production time. Our skilled editors diligently craft a seamless narrative. Using editing, sound design, and visual effects, we enhance the impact of the story. Our commitment to excellence includes meticulous color grading and refining details for an immersive viewer experience. With careful attention, we piece together the final product, ensuring your story emerges as a polished and refined piece.

Laura Gomez-Gal
Director | Writer

Meet the Team

Silvia Troncoso
Videographer | Editor

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Sheeplands Avenue

Guildford, UK.

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